9/10 powerpoints from Fireworks Magazine UK:

“The lead singer of this Norwegian whirlwind of a band is Gry Sivertsen, a star in the making if I ever heard one”

“Eight tracks on offer and not one filler, just pure in- your- face rock delivered with a passion and conviction sorely lacking of today’s would be pioneers of rock” “Special mention must be made of the awesome rhythm section driving this opus to extraordinary heights, ably accompanied by an exceptional guitarist, namely Torgeir Sjolingstad”


Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine UK:

“ .. the excellent lone ballad Far From A Game” this is one of the best ballades I have heard in a long time and it really showcases the excellent vocals of Gry Anita. The only comparison I can think of is Amy Lee…”

“The guitar work of Torgeir Berge Sjolingstad is a real joy to hear throughout the release..”

Bewertung 9/10 Keep on rocking mag Germany:

About lead singer Gry Anita: «This Lady has balls» «The band has a beautiful feel for wonderful melodies...»

«Xelerate takes no prisoners..»

«They’re basially modern metal with a few old school melocid metal references thrown in for good measure»

«The songs are generally strong and vocalist Gry Anita Sivertsen has a really good voice» «It’s one of those records that’s a bit of a grower..»



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